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    So here we are now

    Back where we said we? laugh away our worry.

    Somehow its managed to find you

    Cant even begin to break this down till you turn it around.

    Just cant run away from everything

    Im hearing sirens in your future?

    when you never come around,

    When one phone call won? change anything

    Don? you look to me,

    Panic can? stop this worry bomb,

    Disarm your self-destruction.

    Somehow its managed to find you

    Still cant even begin to break this down

    before you pay to disobey the sound.

    each nervous tick means everything to the dynamite strapped to your neck .

    get out! It? a snare you?e set yourself?what we built you forget when you fly fear in the face of fate.

    Just try to take them down,

    Find out what a helpless game you play.

    Stay one more turn but today forget the doubts you host

    Make the most of what can? ever be escaped.

    Disengage your hate.

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