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    Can we count on these days to fill in our blanks?

    Can we turn daydreams into our reality?

    In so deep its tough to stay, but you just have to have a taste.

    Don't speak. There's no need to mistake identity.

    We can make it worth the wait, if we give it back to the fact that we're staying:

    Locked out, waiting forever and a day,

    To find out you're afraid to make this life a tale worth telling.

    Locked out, waiting forever and a day,

    No safe bet, no telling:

    No safe bet, no telling how long you'll take,

    But I'll wait.

    Have we lost our way? Did we stray too far from the flame?

    You like to think to much, too much about too many things.

    You lost touch, need a name, your every hour keeps getting late.

    You think you want to rush,

    The borderline just can't cut it.

    Wait and see and think of me.

    Someday you're gonna laugh for worrying.

    When days are gold hope I can say

    For all we've been you were meant for me.

    Can we turn daydreams into our reality?

    Can we not speak and shape these ideas into deeds?

    Can we take these seeds and sow a brand new history?

    Can we count on these things?

    You can't keep me locked out.

    I'm not scared to find out.

    You weren't meant to spend a lifetime waiting.

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