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    Dark streets- Dark like a dream.
    Nightmare; Full color scheme.
    Can't make much sense of black and white.
    Sleepwalk- Follow the glow.
    Find out, am I supposed to know
    strange faces calling like a voice in stereo?

    We were never the same but the colors faded.
    We were never the same but the colors faded.
    It got us thinkin' against the grain, thoughts fading to gray.
    Against the grain; we were never, we were never the same.

    One look was all it took
    to find out, I'm an open book;
    The fine line that comes between the facts and history.
    Mysterious, incomplete, the city falls asleep.

    See it fade to gray.
    Watch the colors fade.
    We were never the same; all the color led us astray.
    We were never the same; indifference faded to gray
    Think against the grain.  Think against the grain.

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