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    (feat. Sean Mackin from Yellowcard)

    It's not religion but we think we're on a mission.
    Don't misconstrue it 'cause we think your opinion's fine.
    Let's hear it some other night.
    Forget the argument as we begin to let it go.
    Retaliate by letting entropy make it all fade to beautiful.

    Run till the lazy world catches up.

    It's begun
    The energy is insane, The energy is insane; The possibilities.
    Now it's begun
    The blueprint steers you wrong, The energy is insane; The possibilities.

    It's not unnatural, the way that you've been feeling, no.
    It's not a prank, no it's our society contaminating your dreams.
    'Bout time you shut it out and listened to that sixth sense.
    'Bout time you gave a little credit where credit is due.
    Come on! It belongs to you.

    The twenty-five years, the unwept tears, the loss that I can't swipe away.
    Pick up my soul and dust it off, could swear I turned eighteen today.

    Oh, the possibilities
    Run till that crazy world catches up.

    , the blueprint steers you wrong
    'Cause there's no recipe for a mind all of it's own.

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