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    Would you hear me if I told you I was scared ?
    If it were up to me Iæ?? run and leave these choices feeling unprepared
    So many questions, canæ?° we get some answers yet?
    So much to work out, can it fit whatæ?¯ in my head?
    Is anybody listening yet?
    Lets take this back to zero.

    SO HEY! Would you save us now, or would you save yourself?
    Kick away some kind of normal lay it on the shelf.
    Just think, one good idea is all it takes
    To nurse a wounded world
    This time Iæ?£l make the answer mine.
    å?¢ think weæ?£l figure it out.  

    Is it wrong to think
    Your universe is listening?  
    Is it wrong to think you can amount to more than just for kicks?
    The older I grow the clearer it becomes.
    She likes your charms, understand sheæ?¯ just a serial kisser
    Share what you care to believe and trust that sheæ?£l offer you her arms.

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