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    And I swear with her it's always
    Heads I win and tails you lose.
    Josie flashes on TV., the radio sings her name.
    Id find her if my heart were free.
    My girl is such a gamble.
    All my luck runs out on a fifty/fifty chance.

    She takes different ways to stay.
    Everyday a different game, she always finds some way
    To save a little face.  
    Sheæ?¯ fast, the next thing you know
    Youæ?®e kissing concrete.
    One day she fakes and the next sheæ?¯ in love again.

    And it feels so bad to be this good,
    When Iæ?¦ so sick and tired of all her cunning style,
    Whispers around my neck that I watched fall
    Behind my back, with all the times I touched
    Her after class.  I needed mine, she wouldnæ?° grow
    So I got out.

    One day she fakes and then sheæ?¯ gone again,
    But shell never get a second chance to say æ??othing serious?

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