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    Sometimes you just have to let go
    Start writing off the effort.
    Cant you just stop pretending?
    Could it be that somethingæ?¯ changed?
    Cause nothing feels the same to you.
    Imagine that, a world that we just can't understand.
    Are we messed up?
    You be the judge now that youæ?³e offered us youæ?®e trust
    No matter what can't we teach them to mess with us.
    Let them keep their words, we donæ?° come around to cast threats.
    Pick up your feet and pass it around again.

    Four walls keep closing in on me
    Im drowning.
    In a pool of doubt I try
    To recognize these dreams before we
    Waste all the space inside.
    Before we waste all the space inside my mind.

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