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    All dressed and no place to pretend
    Everything that was ever right tastes bad again?The ball is in your court you just can't see it
    They say, ę?¹onę?° forget your lucky grain of salt,
    And the heart to take the world by storm?
    But who can kick back in a hurricane?
    Donę?° the rules make sense?
    Shrug away indifference
    While some let it perforate life until all they taste is
    The weight of the wind on dumb lips as they take their joyride blindfolded.
    Weę?®e groping for the in-between.
    Hey liberty! With life in our hands,
    All thatę?Æ left is to unwrap it å??ll thatę?Æ left is to unwrap
    Its good to know for as far as the eyes may stare lies a world worth exploring.
    Its good to know what you canę?° take back might as well be a slack knot tomorrow.
    Seems right to me?Your life is in your hands and all thatę?Æ left is to unravel it?Thread by thread, watch it unfurl at your feet
    Just mind your step
    Donę?° you forget the power of choice.

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