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    Concentrate?canæ?° you bear the hot blue tears?
    The weeks?advancing sunset lines?
    The winds that cripple bittersweet compassion when you waste it?
    å?¢ guess you feared for wasted time but our timeæ?¯ gone and left you wasted?I hope stillness accepts this songå?±o weave you a reason.
    A little anthem always goes the longest way,
    Helps efface mistakes and ease the cheated feelings.
    If isolation marred your faith in harmony,
    Girl, have springtime set your record straight:
    The air is not starless here, frictionless seams connect the world you waive,
    Renewal dovetails to decay.
    Donæ?° let the weather get you down
    These skies still burn to light your smile
    Stand UP! Sit down! Wean this senseless attention span.
    Itæ?¯ all the same; the weatheræ?¯ changing somewhere, someday.

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