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    Waiting, watching fireworks shine overhead
    Thoughts circling around myself again
    But i still can't get my mind off this understanding we have
    And i konw it changed htis time we've she'd former insecurities
    Because they're your and they're mine
    Remember thinking i was prone to disappointment
    We've crossed that line if i were me i'd think she'd think me crazy
    To hear that i only want to hold her hand for the rest of all my life
    And im so proud to know you think the same of me and i make you smile
    Understatements like i love you always work well but not this time
    So i just wanted you to know just how much you've changed me
    And every time i hold your hand i've lost these fingertips in your hair
    I've always yearned to look in shining eyes and see myself
    Staring right back in my direction
    Just promise you'll meet me there

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