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    If you build a better mousetrap
    Wonæ?° the world come knocking down your door
    Just to call it progress to make you sigh!
    Because it weirds me out
    To hear the angels call
    All the way from their coast.
    When theyæ?®e siren song is the only hook

    I let it ring to see if it can fit the key of all my dreams
    Now Itæ?¯ time to face my choice, let there be no mistake
    Let it ring, cause Iæ?³e  landed on this rock with all my friends
    And well fight to make our peace with life,
    (å??å??å??å??orry about next time, next time)
    And take up our arms like sitcom soldiers.
    And take up our arms and fight till time leaves us alone.

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