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    I guess it's safe to say im crazy.
    Lost sanity to you.
    Knew that this would happen sometime, but this time,
    I can't find the means to make you mine.
    Assure me, when it's done and I've come down that you won't quit waiting for me...

    How you build me up.
    The cross-tolerance could kill an army Of friends
    The way your love blinds like a drug,
    Im left defenseless.

    I know it's no use, there are times I watch myself surrender so thoughtless
    But you've no will you're just the scapegoat I abuse
    Afflicted with
    Illusions I've let in.
    My sickness fills me
    Till my indignation spills
    Though I still feel empty.
    Sometimes I see beyond the haze
    And I think that I could free myself
    If I could she'd your chains
    I've got to let the music heal me

    How you break me down
    The last thing I find is sense around you
    The cross tolerance uproots my will.

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