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    Keep it like a secret
    Keep it close to me
    As we take flight beneath the city lights
    Words may escape but i've been set free.

    You met her by chance.
    Not sure if they'll call it fate or circumstance.
    Don't know how long to stay...
    So many flights up can't believe i found my way.
    If we can't make it up,
    We'll just have to reinvent what others say-
    Pretty, i'll send you the words...

    Take it slow we've got time
    Another blank horizon is on the rise.
    When it feels old, this city life,
    I hope you're gonna think of me.
    I know you want to try...

    Life's a borrowed dream.
    Now i think we're finding out just what they mean;
    As our shadows race down these sleepless streets we become the color scheme.
    If i may, i know the price we'll pay but i hope you'll wake.

    Look how you've set me free...keep it, now i need feel you close to me.
    When the lights are fading...words may escape but you set me free.

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