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    She watches the midnight hour to be sure that I can find her,
    I follow the moonlight to where Iæ?¦ sure ive watched her shadow dance,
    But the light she casts in these eyes bears an unknown wavelength,
    So I sorrow to be cursed with my condition.
    The night laughs, this lens is flawed
    Cause I can't bend the light her heart still casts in darkness
    There I go again, lost in my heartæ?¯ persistent questions,
    Is it wrong?  Can I survive if morning never comes?

    Refract her light in me,
    I believe that sheæ?¯ there , Iæ?³e watched her waiting.
    I believe that sheæ?£l save a little space for me in the night
    Chasing a constellation.

    I never knew a kiss could kill till I got burned,
    But now thereæ?¯ a way Iæ?³e found to allay a yearning heart.
    Needed to know whether my soul was bound to this earth.
    In her eyes the world is no condition.

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