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    Its 3am again thanks for your patience
    Repeated last night, to watch the harbor ripple in your eyes
    And we watched sailboats spoil our view as if we had a choice
    Knew all along that there was something more inside than distance had it been a test
    Of my security missed something there but i'd be blind to see you missing me
    So footsteps trace our way back to night-time skies
    And clouds diffuse reveal your eyes your secretes aren't mysteries
    And i would'nt feel so alien if you weren't so me
    Im just a boy, im lost and confused and distraught from misuse
    And i've given up my head for you
    Because nothings logical so tell my i can't be the things you need
    When it's you i've need all along and im waiting
    Because it's all on this moment when you'll slip between my arms again
    So even if you aren't that way thanks for your patience sleep still i'll watch you sleep

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