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    You know what time it is nigga,
    And you know who the fuck this is. danger!
    Danger! get on the floor! the nigga right chea! sing it!

    Been so long (sing it!)
    Since, he's been on
    So please (get on the floor!)
    Show me (the nigga right chea!)
    What it is that you want to see

    Go tell the dj to put my shit on
    I'm keepin' you niggas and bitches in jump from the minute i get on
    Taking they shit off, showing they tattoos,
    Screamin, and hollerin' and all
    Got the gift to come up with it,
    Put it together, deliver it, make them feel it, bitch i been on!
    Sharp! like you pulled me out the pencil sharpener
    Bad! like that student in the principal's office
    Put rappers in coffins
    They dive like dolphins
    I'm the ???? lyrical marvel ??????? officer
    Watch yourself!
    Or fuck around and get beside yourself
    I know! go ahead though
    Bounce them titties, shake ya ass, drop that pussy
    Stay in line hoe
    Fuck a think, cuz you can can
    Cocked up, head down, pussy poppin' on a handstand
    Leave that pussy smoking
    If you gonna lose something
    Then bend over, and bust that pussy open

    Chorus x 2

    My fuckin' concert line around the corner
    Parking cars, niggas lookin' for they bitch, nothing on her!
    You lookin' good momma
    Why? pshh, what's up homie?
    Sirens, limousines, and the club owner
    Ya bitch you!
    If you late, ain't no getting in this bitch
    Cuz it's filling up
    Inside packed from the floor to the ceiling up
    The building ain't big enough!
    I'm backstage bouncing
    Adrenalin building up!
    The pussy cutter
    Did i stutter?
    The heart flooder
    Make your woman drawers melt like butter
    Down like nelly
    Hype like "belly"
    The rhyme seller!
    Kick ass like jim kelly!
    Stand up, round out, boot up and frown
    Tell a nigga if he wanna try it
    Then bitch come on down!
    No sweat, no blood, no tears
    And if i tell you it's the shit
    Then bitch that's what it is!

    Chorus x 2

    Talkin 'bout
    Motherfucker look!
    Get on the floor!
    The nigga right chea!
    (motherfucker) watch your back!
    (look look) nigga what! (look look)
    Get on the floor!
    The nigga right chea!
    Get 'em up!!!

    Chorus x 2

    Get on the floor!
    The nigga right chea!
    Sing it!
    Get on the floor!
    The nigga right chea!
    This is my motherfuckin' floor!

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