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    It's all, It's all

    You're my sunshine after the rain
    You're the cure against my fear & my pain
    'Cause I'm losing my mind
    When you're not around
    It's all, It's all
    It's all because of you

    You're my sunshine
    Oh yeah

    Baby I really know by now
    Since we met that day
    You showed me the way
    I felt it then, you gave me love
    I can't describe
    How much I feel for you

    I said baby I
    Should have known by now
    Should have been right there
    Whenever you gave me love
    And if only you were here
    I'd tell you
    Yes I'd tell you, oh yeah


    Oohh oh yeah yeeaah

    Honestly could you be with me
    Like it was before
    Neither less nor more
    'Cause when I close my eyes at night
    I realize that no one else
    Could ever take your place

    I still can feel and it's so unreal
    When you're touching me
    Kisses endlessly
    It's just a place in the sun,
    Where our loves begun
    I miss you, yes I miss you
    Oh baby yeah


    If I knew how to tell you
    What's on my mind
    Make you understand
    Then I'd always be there
    Right by your side

    Chorus (3 times)

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