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    Maybe you don't understand it,
    What keeps them awake at night
    What goes through their little minds
    When you turn off the light?
    Always have to say orry tears are stained on the pillow
    Like the light of the moon they can't be one,
    can't exist without the son
    Lets think clearly for a while,
    Can he shire without a smile?

    Why am I alone with no one to be found?
    Looks like they know what's best for me
    Why doesnt anybody like me i dont understand?
    Guess I'll have to crawl inside andi don't know why
    Im sitting by myself when the problem isnt mine

    Been around the block a few times
    Been beat up by all his friends
    Learning life is like a maze that never seems to end
    Like and open book, blank pages left for only him to write
    Lie is short this chapter takes so long,
    Can't tell the right from the wrong
    Is so hard foryou to place an expression on his face

    Why doesnt anybody like me, I dont understand?
    Why my friends and family left me at six years old he wont be taught a meaning to this mess
    He'll just have to take a guess, and make his own plan
    Ane we'll never see the child that was forced to be a man

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