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    What's wrong with everyone? There's a panic in their eyes
    Like others getting close are aliens, in disguise
    They smell conspiracy on the lips of dearest friends
    Reminds me of a time long ago, They think it's the end

    Of what we all created, used to love but now we hate it
    Life is as simple as the mind it lives in
    The truth is a waste of time, when we're conditioned to understand
    Lies are the right way as we watch the blind leading the blind

    Everything that we see is another's suffering
    Learn to enjoy the message your TV is delivering
    You're safe behind the glass like being at the zoo
    The face of guilty thoughts turns around and looks just like you

    Don't want be another, victim but you watch them suffer
    Organized, desensitized and trained
    To wake up at 6 AM, go to work come back and in bed by ten
    When the feeling is safe and warm
    Horrified by any change, living by consensus destroys us
    Paints pretty pictures at the same time will do us more harm

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