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    It used to be easy to listen to people
    And take everything with a grain of salt
    But now that I'm older I still hear voices
    I do not wish to be involved

    I don't want to be involved
    With the incinerator anymore
    That lifestyle is such a bore
    Find the door

    I want to leave this place
    Can't take it anymore
    Locked in a room and
    The flames are burning down around me
    And now I see the door
    But I won't find a key
    It's kinda sad but i'll never find
    A better place to be
    I'm not feeding the fire anymore

    It makes me want to keep it locked inside
    You got the gasoline but I don't have a light
    I wanna hang out it's not a good time
    I'd rather be somewhere that I could find
    People that don't live off the words
    That are said by someone else
    Cause talking shit is so bad for your health

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