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    It taught you a lesson, how to be afraid
    And how to understand your life is not a game
    It's more than a lesson, now you can learn no more from love
    Even with that wisdom in your mind, there's still that
    Poison in your blood
    You wouldn't touch the breakfast that I made for you
    How could you lie?
    Losing weight, you look afraid, you're scaring me
    I wonder why?
    Victim of envionment, I cannot stand aside and watch you die
    Everyday you went to school trying to maintain your cool
    With people sitting far away from you
    No lesson learned here, prejudice prevails
    You're an outcast to the ignorance of other people's metal jails
    Soon you'll be free, yo ucan live again, my friend
    Darkness is better than this life you live
    Sympathy I give to you, that is all I can do
    I'm sorry that you're stuck here with this fatal flu
    There's not much I can do
    They taught you a lesson, how to stay away
    Victim of your solitude, one out of ten
    And one was you, victim of society's
    Incurable disease, the fatal flu

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