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    You're feeling really good and smart
    You passed your test with a high score of 93
    But it doesn't really matter cause you smashed your car
    Time to return to the DMV.
    Parking tickets, too much money, fifty dollar fines
    Sweaty people, last one in a fifty mile line
    Make an appointment now if you can't drive
    It's time you learn
    Just get in the back of the line
    What do you get, what do I get, what do we get?
    Nothing in return
    We make better drivers and make sure the roads are safe
    Then how come kids are dying in car accidents everyday?
    We have the best facilities for learning satisfaction
    First they took my license and then my registration
    Can't stop getting tickets
    Don't have the time or money man
    Now they're gonna impound my car! DMV...

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