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    Another body found for the government to ignore
    Another home is lost from someone who was poor
    Another cop caught beating up on innocence
    Another law that seems to make no fucking sense
    Another person tested positively to HIV
    Natural disaster is just something we don't need
    Another politician's life remains a mystery
    Another mountain side that we cannot see

    The media has built a fortress
    Or what is wrong?
    Newspaper headlines, do they tell us what is right,
    I wanna know exactly what the fuck is going on
    All around our minds
    Just a matter of time before it comes here to this town
    The clock is winding down
    Will I see it broken before I lay down and die
    Another wall is built between color and race
    Another fact is not exactly what you read
    Another chemical is dumped into the sea

    Another wrong decision about peace is made
    Another piece of land that just could not be saved
    Another day, Another pain, Another misery
    Another education that could not be paid
    Another killer in the street is roaming free
    I've got a feeling, I've got a bad feeling inside

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