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    Fall into nowhere, fading out
    Afraid of who we are, get used to it somehow

    Like sad and distant memories
    Time is something that we never can replace
    A long and fucked up road but everyone's at home
    Where it's dysfunctional and safe

    You can hide inside your kingdom where the guards refuse to change
    Without noticing the doubt in people these days
    Faces tell the story of a broken heart,
    Together we fall apart

    Is anyone alive in here?
    Acceptance has become a common state of mind,
    We love stupidity, it doesn't hurt as much
    It's worse to feel than be out of touch

    This is failure through conforming
    Paranoia is trend as life hangs in the balance of the weak-minded
    Free prescription of placebo for us all
    We only stand when it's safe to fall

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