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    Up here sedated in my seat,
    Can't wait until i can see my feet
    And run away from stupid things i've said
    I'll be here a few days from now,
    We'll talk about it when i come down
    If we make it this time, I'll clean the stain i've bled

    Our worlds collide in new beginnings
    It's an emergency permission to bail out
    So when the heart crash lands,
    What memories will survive?
    I thank my black box that i'm alive

    I feel unlucky today, can't wash the panic off my face
    Didn't learn a thing from the last time
    I'ts so selfish to be so confused,
    Heart beats like rapid fire
    So close to the edge but far away in mind

    Two days to go until i see you
    Looks like we can call the ambulance down there
    My head is touching down i've learned to be afraid
    I thank my black box that you're the same

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