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    I didn't mean to drag under
    But I was thinking about you
    And how your eyes swallowed me whole
    I've tried my hardest to forget it
    But a broken heart is murder for the soul

    How does it feel to be
    One of the beautiful people?
    Everytime that I leave it's like goodbye...Forever

    Angela don't hate me
    No matter what they say
    I'll always love you
    Don't believe the authorities
    Angela believe in me

    Remember when we danced together
    And I promised you the world?
    Well, I'll have to take that back
    Because my whole life has been capsized
    In a minute all the colors turned to black

    My heart was killing me
    And no one could hear her scream at all
    Let's runaway, if only for a day...I'm guilty

    Angela I'm sorry I've failed you again
    And this time it's for good
    Don't believe your family
    I'm in hell, and you're leaving me

    Angela I'm sorry
    Angela believe in me.(x2)

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