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    Life must be empty when living a lie
    With something to hide and nothing to show
    You have learned nothing but how to destroy
    Things that friends who love you couldn't leave alone
    Someday it's gonna hit you between the eyes
    That we're not sixteen years old anymore
    One day those people that used to welcome you with open arms
    Will see you coming and hide, then lock the door
    People that listend to you were afraid
    Even friends that knew you as a kid
    Now you are sorry, but you'll never change
    Change the things that you already did
    Someday it's gonna hit you between the eyes
    That the seeds have already been sown
    Find your own garden, because you still need space to grow
    Until that time, you will remain alone
    Don't try to come around with your pathetic lies, 'cause I can see it in your
    Eyes that you will always be the same and you will never change the past
    That you have brought among yourself, and this is why we have to say
    Goodbye, it's time for truth and not for lies...that you have always told
    Your trust was bought and sold, you're all alone

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