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    (T. Sly/C. Shiflett/M. Riddle/R. Koff)
    Lost yourself it didn't take much time, it
    Wasn't hard to find
    Now that you've been to the edge, stood
    And looked down from the top
    And found it wasn't worth the pain, a
    Selfish way to say
    I'm the only one that counts and
    Happiness is out
    Really insecure, disguising what's inside
    You're not cool to me
    I wont wait in the back of the line
    No one knows exactly where you went,
    The maoney has been spent
    Sent the search team, I'm about to
    Call it off
    Feel you close when you're so far away
    A straw inside your vein
    As it sucks the life from you I watch it all
    Come true
    When it happens like a million
    Times before
    I wont close my mind but I refuse to
    Open the door
    Feel the world caving in, you had so
    Much left to give
    Is it worth the tide you turned, all the
    People that you burned?
    So long to your little friend this is how
    The story ends
    I'm the only one 'cause nobody cared
    Hate yourself just like I thought you
    Would, it didn't do us good
    I'm afraid of being right so before we
    Say good-bye to you
    Come down from off your throne and let
    The truth be known
    We all know you're not insane, it's how
    You play this game
    Really insecure, disguising what's inside
    It's not cool to me when the game is a
    Fake suicide

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