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    51 days without a trace or an indication
    That his God would soon be here
    To take them all away
    Waiting for the final day and for the God
    Who never came
    They all ended up in flames
    Moved by the power of a charming leader
    With the love of God and the hatred of humanity
    Led to a place where he could hide and lead
    The blind, only to find tragedy
    Having his way with all the women
    'Cause his death would soon be here
    Living his life in a dream
    85 people, 23 children, and a lot of them were his
    His to the end, never be free
    He promised them eternal life
    If they'd walk into a fire
    Now we see the charged remains
    Apocalyptic funeral pyre
    I guess he got what he desired
    All in 51 days

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