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    Am I getting older? I'm loosing all my touch
    Falling for the ordinary, walking with a crutch
    Make a little false step and suddenly you're marked
    Lights are out, you find yourself alone and in the dark

    I can never see the sky for all the clouds
    Making everything so hard and full of doubts
    Lessons never learned and nothing ever stuck

    Life is getting harder, so join me in my quest
    Find out who seduced our minds, I'd say "readers digest"
    Make a contribution and you will get a prize
    I can't tell you what it is, just something really nice

    Taking another chance the risk is higher than before
    Nobody seems to notice that it's time to say enough
    Looking around and I know what I've done and I don't wanna stop and I'm pushing my luck
    You won't have the guts to turn me down

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