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    Joe Delord he was a man of resources
    Came to earth to fight the dark and evil forces
    With a fire in his eyes strongly burning
    And a passion just like no one ever seen

    How compassionate you are
    Wants to save us from ourselves
    How ingenious you are
    You'll be sorry when you fail
    Like a guardian of life,
    You're ambition was too high
    Like a sentimental fool
    All your efforts so in vain

    Made a journey with the noblest intentions
    To go out and make discreet observations
    On his way he started doubting his mission
    Disappointment grew and hope turned out of sight

    Now he's wandering with no destination,
    Lack of confidence and self-preservation
    Turning water into crack for a nickel
    Just imagine what he'd give you for a dime

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