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    Every lonely hour that is passing by my window,
    Slow, it's like a dream
    I'm trying my best to keep it all together,
    Don't wanna scream, again
    Spending my days in the never ever ending room
    That I call home
    Where anything can happen and I don't have a saying,
    Have no control
    Hiding my face and I'm waiting for redemption,
    It never comes
    I'm forming a plan and taking my chances,
    It might work out

    So trust me, leave me, go with the flow
    And you won't take a fall

    I could be the supervisor of the final game
    And I could be the misdemeanour right in your face
    Yeah I could be the soul polluter spreading my disease
    Yeah I could be the one you never got the chance to please

    Learning so fast and I'm getting to a point now
    Where I can speak
    It's coming in time, and in every direction
    I'm not that weak
    Bending the rules and inch so I can prosper,
    It's all worked out
    But taking it slow so no one will notice
    What it's all about

    See the time slip away forever
    Turn away or I will deceive you, that's all I know.

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