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    I am raising a flag
    I am just too tired now to fight
    It?s white and it?s waving
    Can?t we save this for another night
    I used to be afraid, but now I crave the quiet
    Together we are both alone, but I don?t mind
    I?ll dream of something
    To try and make us alright
    Make us alright

    Baby, put your arms down
    They?re machines that can?t be fixed no more
    And when the alarm sounds
    I?ll be right here waiting at your door
    We?ll sit up on the bed for a while
    Together we are both alone, but we don?t mind
    We?ll dream of something to try and make us all right

    But with all this trouble
    When I close my eyes, you never go away
    I?ve tried everything, still you won?t change
    Is it better if you go?

    But the ending doesn?t matter
    One hundred days, and then the suffering stops
    Running faster through this
    Can help to save your heart before it drops
    And you didn?t even say I didn?t try
    Together we are both alone, but I don?t mind
    I dreamt of everything,
    I tried to make this all right

    It?s all right, it?s all right, it?s all right (repeat)
    Together we're both alone, but I don't mind (repeat)

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