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    I always pick all the wrong things to say
    I left last night in utter disarray
    If I held your hand
    And swore that I'll never do this again
    And gave my best try

    Don't pull over just kill the headlights

    You turn around and say don't go away
    But I know you and you are bound to stray
    It's a foul of men
    They swear that they'll never hurt you again
    Then give their best shots

    Don't pull over just kill the headlights

    'Cause if you feel strange hit the road
    'Cause people who are afraid don't make good bedfellows
    So please understand,
    My heart you won't have it again
    So just don't try

    Don't pull over, just kill the headlights

    You seem surprised
    That I'm leaving
    One bit of some good love
    And I am gone

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