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    This breath is wasted forever
    But I know I'm not the first
    I've been putting on my best
    To hear the worst
    And listening to someone elses fables
    From radios at someone elses tables
    Trying to find the words you want to hear

    Masses are gathering up outside
    And it's so dark
    Wake up your brothers get in a line
    To shoot the stars
    And the sky looks like it is bleeding diamonds
    Smoke looks just like a thousand garlands
    I'm trying to find the words you want to

    Hear me know cuz I've heard all that I can stand
    This is not what I had planned
    Pretending my loves home
    I bereave my brothers in a silent league
    Who wait while all the truth just leaves
    To stake their claim alone

    It's just another lonely night
    It's just another lonely night

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