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    i'm not saying this for the sake if it
    i'll take so much and then i'll have to quit
    i know how i feel
    i know how i feel
    the words don't fit
    i can't speak
    i can't speak
    i think i've lost the art of conversation
    things are looking bleak
    please go easy on me
    i don't know what's wrong with me
    please be gentle with me
    and take it easy
    take it easy, take it easy
    take it out on me
    did i hear you right
    did i hear you wrong
    did i miss something
    tell me who's the sleeping partner
    who's the sleeping partner here?
    cause you don't speak
    and i don't speak,
    we never seem to.....speak
    i think you're deaf,
    i think you're dumb,
    you tell me
    now you're tying up my heart strings
    i've got no halo, got no wings
    we've got verbal constipation
    let's start throwing things

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