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    i don't belive what i'm thinking
    i'm less than useful
    i could take if from someone else
    but even i think it's truthful
    i need something my own size
    something that fits me well
    spend so long being serious
    when someone could have died for less
    do you want me to smile?
    i'll try
    you say i must be in a mess
    well let me guess what you suggest
    you want me to smile
    well i'll try
    do you want me to smile?
    yes, i see what you're saying
    i'm still pretty youthful
    i can take it from someone like you
    you've still got your hands full
    but i need someone my own size
    someone that fits me well
    if you don't mind
    i'll keep my thougts to myself
    if you don't mind
    you can do the other
    so you want me to find a reason
    find a reason
    if you don't find a reason why

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