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    Let me tell you 'bout a tale, my friends, the tale of an irie trip
    That started from this rasta port aboard this jammin' ship, I say
    Aboard this jammin' ship
    Jah mate was a mighty sailor man, the skipper brave and sure
    Five passengers set sail that day for a really irie tour, I say
    A really irie tour (so irie)
    Jah weather started getting rough, the tiny ship it was a-tossed
    If not for the courage of the jammin' crew, jah Minnow would be lost, I say
    Jah Minnow would be lost (it's-a-nowhere)
    The ship hit ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
    With Gillimon
    Jah skipper-mon too
    Jah millionaire-mon, and his wo-mon
    The movie star
    The professor-mon
    And Mary Ann, she jams here on Gillimon's Isle (isle, isle, isle, isle, isle,
    Oh, Gillimon is a rasta man
    He smokes the ganja all day long
    And all night too
    Gillimon, you jammin' jammin' jammin', a jam jam jammin', a jam jam jam... say
    I say, I say, I say, I say this party is for you
    This is the tale of our castaways, they're here for a long long time
    They'll have to make jah best of things -- they smoke many dimes, I say
    They smoke many dimes (so many!)
    The first mate and his skipper, too, must do their very best
    To make the others high as kites in this tropic island nest, I say
    They only smoke jah best (only jah best!)
    No bongs, no bowls, no waterpipes, not a single luxury
    Just a-rolling the spliff in the palm leaves, it's as primitive as can be, you
    As primitive as can be (so primitive!)
    So join us here each week, my friends, you're sure to get real high
    From seven jammin' rasta-mons here on Gillimon's Isle
    Gillimon's Isle
    Gillimon's Isle
    Gillimon's Isle
    Gillimon's Isle
    (Russell Ives; ©1994 Naked Earth Productions)

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