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    I try to realise the pain of another man
    I try, but there's no way to understand
    Why must we fight, why must there be such pain
    And you look around, everyone's to blame, because
    Condition red, there's too much fighting today
    Condition red, there's got to be a better way
    I rise up in the morning and I feel the Babylon on me
    And I burn a little kali cos I know it'll set I free [sic]
    We struggle every day, we gotta be what we want to be
    And there will come a day when we all will live as one in peace and harmony
    Till then
    Condition red...
    No colour of our skin, no rich, no poor, no bourgeoisie
    One life, one love, one Jah above for you and me
    We're strugglin' every day, can't you see
    A little bit of love is all we need, but now
    Condition red...
    (Mark Overby; ©1994 Naked Earth Productions)

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