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    I want
    To change
    My world
    Your world
    No more leaders
    No more control

    ( revolt

    We must resist

    Revolt against the rich
    Not against the poor
    Don't revolt against the
    Revolt against the cause
    Break it down- the system (x4)

    Revolt (x6)
    Fight the system
    That divides us!

    Revolt against the power
    If you want things to change
    Revolt against ourselves
    Nothing will ever change
    Stop fighting amongst
    Ourselves (x4)

    Revolt (x6)
    Don't support the
    Things that destroy

    Revolt against big business
    And the things that it does
    Revolt against institutions
    And the things they stand for
    Unite against them (x4)

    Walking around
    Walking around town
    Just a wanderin around
    Getting a load off my mind
    Feelin kinda mad
    Feelin kinda sad
    I just can't shake it sometimes

    I lways get the feeling
    Itõs hard to stay in control
    Inside my mind is reelin
    I need to do something.
    I gotta get up and go

    Gotta get myself together
    And get organized
    Even though it might be hard
    Don't wanna waste my life
    Feelin sorry for myself
    That's such boring way to
    Spend time

    Im gonna take my chances
    So I'll have no regrets
    Im gonna live my own life
    And do what I want with the
    Time I have left

    Ode to a fucked up world
    Sometimes I hate reality
    It makes me feel so had
    Seeing people hurt each other
    And they don't even care

    I think of self destruction
    But I tell those thoughts to go away
    I wont give up, I will hang on
    Ill keep living from day to day
    I don't plan ahead or think of yesterday
    I wonder what to do now instead
    I think about this fucked up world
    Until my eyes are blazing red

    Every time I watch the news
    Or read a magazine
    The pain and suffering in this world
    Makes me want to scream

    People hating others because
    Of the color of their skin
    People rape and kill each other
    For fucked up reasons


    Sometimes I hate reality
    It makes me feel so had
    Seeing people hurt each other
    And they don't even care

    We live in a
    Fucked up world

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