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    She walks march march along like he rest of the world
    She cries she cries alone cause no one will listen
    She said what's wrong with me I don't seem to fit in
    I can't march march along march march along

    The parents said try to fit in be happy be like us
    The teachers said there's something wrong a problem in your head
    The doctor said I'll give her drugs to keep her from crying
    The girl said I'm losing my mind I'm losing my mind
    This girl became suicidal

    Instead of killing herself she ran away
    Put out her thumb and hitch hicked down south
    After a long fucked up trip she wound up in la
    Started living in squats started living with her friends
    She realized it was ok that she had never fit in
    She knows now that she was not the crazy one
    It was her parents, teachers, and doctors that were messed up
    Now she says

    Can't get to me in my head x4

    She knows she's got to be strong and hold her head up high
    She learned she can't let this world break her down break her pride
    She knows it's not wrong to be herself and speak her mind
    She won't march march along march march along

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