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    Don't support the war on crime
    Innocent people are doing time
    More an more cops and jails
    This solution to crime is going to fail
    Don't you see what they're trying to do
    They're not concered with your safety
    They want to control you, congress passes
    More oppressive laws then they lock us away

    Wallstreet perpetuates poverty then they
    Lock us away the media creates hysteria then
    They lock us away soon the whole country will
    Be under martial law then they'll lock us all away
    People have always been the same there's always
    Been assholes who should be locked away such as
    Murderers, rapists, and all the politicians
    But now there's people getting locked
    Away for no reason

    Incarceration and the death penalty
    Do nothing to reduce crime it distracts us
    From fighting the social conditions
    Which create this insane violence
    Such as poverty and racism and sexism
    And homelessness

    The only way to fight against crime
    Is to put human needs before profit
    Don't support the war on crime
    Innocent people are doing time
    We're denied healthcare, education, and housing,
    Domestic violence and child abuse are never ending
    But none of these artrocities are seen as crime
    Neither is sending someone off to war to die

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