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    They say that I'm a loser cause I don't have fancy things
    I don't have a fancy job don't wear no diamond rigs
    Well they'll never know that the joke is on them
    Cause I'm lucky go free don't got no worryin'
    You can laugh at me and say I'm wrong
    You can try and say that I'm a fool
    But there's some things that I'll never change
    Cause I know what's best for me
    I say that I'm free cause there's nothing tying me down
    I say that I'm lucky cause I got friends in many towns
    I say I got no worrying' cause I got nothin' to prove
    Happiness is what matters cause it's one thing that is true
    So when they put you down
    For not livin' like them
    Don't try to change your ways
    Cause you'll regret it in the end
    Why let them get you down
    When they don't have a clue
    Don't ever let them tell you
    That they know what's best for you

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