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    Do you think that I still love you?
    If you act the way you think I wanted you to
    Throw away the love that we once had
    With the time we've loved
    Thought we could never be sad

    Don't touch my girfriend
    Don't look cross in the eye
    She's still my girlfriend
    I'm thinking of you through the night

    The way that you talk, the way that you smile
    Could make me happy for a while
    Things that you see, the things that I do
    The way that you walk, the things that you say
    Makes it hard to go away
    Don't be so sad 'cause I thought that you knew
    (that) I don't need you

    If I could talk to you, would you turn away?
    I convinced the girl there was nothing I could say
    I knew there was a time when we were close
    All this company, that's when you loved me the most

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