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    Cover up your windows
    Close up all the doors
    Time has come for me to really shine
    Pick myself up off the floor
    Things that'll make yourself cry
    Can be tied above the well
    Helplessly withering away
    But I'll never ever tell
    Run run away run run away
    'Cause there's nothing left to say
    Got no one to talk to
    Leave me alone, I'm happy to die today
    Run run away run run away
    Cause there's nothing left to say
    Oh, the travel always gets me
    Get in the car and drive it all over me
    Cruelty in the winter
    Happy when you're down
    Pulling faces running after me
    And we're sleeping underground
    I didn't mean to hurt you
    Didn't mean to make you sad
    Wandering through all the memories
    Of the good times that we had
    Welcome to the fun time
    We're so happy here
    We've no minds, we might as well be blind
    We can lie together here
    You can come down and join us
    You're more than welcome to
    Even though it's painful to the ears
    But it might not all be true

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