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    Lemme tell ya now
    I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain
    Let's go inside my astral plane
    Find out my mental based on instrumental
    Records hey so I can write monumental
    Methods I'm not the king but niggaz is decaf
    I stick'em for the cream check it
    Just how deep can shit get get deeper than your fists
    And brothers is mad pissed accept it
    In your cross colors clothes you crossed over
    And now ya totally crossed out and kriss kross
    Who da boss niggaz get tossed to da side
    And I'm the dark side of the force of course
    It's the method man from the wu-tang clan
    I be hectic and comin' for the hippies protect it

    Fuck it two tears in a bucket
    Niggaz want the ruckas? so bust it at me son now bust it
    Stylez I get buckwild method man on some shit
    Fuck'n niggaz foul son I'm sick insane crazy drivin' miss daisy
    How the fuck am i? now I got mine I'm swazy

    Is it real son lemme know it's real son if its really real son lemme know it's real
    Load it up and kill one x 3 if it's really real
    When I was a little stereo I used to be the champion
    I always wonder when I would be the number one
    And now you listen to me darcon darcon


    And all you niggaz come and test me test me
    I'm gonna lick out your brains
    Mothers wanna hang with the meth bring the rope
    Cuz the only way you hang is by the neck
    Nigga pump off a set comin' through all your projects
    Take it as a threat or better yet it is a promise
    Comin' like a vet on some old vietnam shit
    You can bet your bottom dollar that I'm on it
    And it'll get even worse word to god it's the wu
    Comin' through takin' niggaz 'fore they're
    Gone gone gone gone gone gone

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