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    Back in, ‘06 I dropped, this song Time
    Now 6 years later and Im still on that grind
    Its been a while, since I wrote that rhyme
    Still got the same troubles going through my mind
    I Stretch my back, try to unwind
    took that watch of my wrist, without it I be fine
    Still, I got chills coming down my spine
    When I think bout the way Im walking down this line
    yeah, This is your life, but who’s in charge?
    By far, most follow, all of us march
    In the same tempo, the impact? large
    Politicians smiling like its one big farce
    We’re being pushed, rushed into that yard
    days go by fast, so we gotta go hard
    Time is ticking, leaving us all scarred
    that’s why Im telling you this on this heart to heart
    Its our time

    Im looking at the world as time passes
    Think of my achievements, losses, blessings
    While Im getting strapped up, with Life lessons,
    I gotta take a break, take it, back to the essence
    I tried mindfulness, Tried to meditate
    But I cant bring down tempo, I accelerate
    Still writing rhymes, so I communicate
    No excuse for slack, I don’t discriminate
    Father Time got my back, my skin won’t crack
    Looking like puppydog when I wear my bagpack
    Cant tell by my face, Im laced yo check
    But strains I do feel, in my shoulders n neck
    Reality check, we kinda grown up
    I know u second that, when u do that close up
    That’s why Im saying, we gotta step it up
    This is our time, yo we gotta live it up

    Life is like a game and as you roll the dice,
    You should think, take a second, and use your time wise
    or wake up one day and to your big surprise
    you found out your time’s up, yep time flies

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