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    "Corazon, (?) ahi ahi esta Angie Martinez, 'ta Cuban Link y Domingo
    Una cosita ahi que te voy a poner para los pies,
    pa' hacerte bailar, tu el venao; va se el coñio, tijerazo..

    Jimmy, "Copa Cabana," in Miami, Little Habana
    Ahi.. Latin Quarters, la Gran Manzana
    We're gonna party hasta por la mañana
    Ahi.. Santo Domingo - tomando Mama Guana
    Gozando en Colombia, Venezuela y la Bahamas
    Ahi.. Costa Rica, Peru y Tijuana
    Ven conmigo mami, porque esto nadie lo para

    [Angie Martinez - overlapping Chorus]

    Uhh, uhh, uhh, yo yo, yo
    Bubble heavy in the club, double Henne' in the cup
    Trouble and merengue make you move yo' butt
    Got the fella's goin' nuts, girl it's too much
    Got me four numbers already, the night's still young
    Papi work the room, 'mance 'em like WHAT!
    Mami got no shoes, hair done like WHAT!
    Me, you - speed through
    Yeah, yeah good to meet'cha; how you doin'?
    Afraid to be the one baby take it floor
    Don't say nuttin' dumb, maybe we could do more!
    Cause it's our night and it's okay!
    Work hard - okay now we ready to play!
    And the J, the I, the M, the M, the Y, the J, the I, the M
    At Jimmy's.. at Jimmy's!


    [Verse Two]
    Uhh.. creep to yo' block in the black Cadillac
    You could go wit' a grey Mac, BRRRA!
    Run, duck; son, what the fuck?
    See my tattoo, got Pun on my gut
    Bag yo' chick; give a nun a million bucks
    Curse me out, call me a bum and a slut
    Cause I bust quick like a ton in a cut
    Then I broke out wit' more guns in a stro'!

    [Cuban Link]

    Yo, yo..
    Ain't nuttin' stoppin' us from droppin'
    and rockin' the whole and droppin' us
    The lockin' this down, strait up and down
    We too hot to miss, we got the shit to make 'em loose it,
    they can't refuse it,
    cause it ain't nuttin' like hip hop music!
    New shit! Took a merengue beat loot it
    Exclusive, it died down, this shit stupid!
    Who's this? Cuban Link, no te asuste!
    Don't mean to drop the bomb, I got the fuse slit


    [Angie Martinez - overlapping Chorus]

    Whoo, whoo.. hey!
    Stro' like swellin', smoke everywhere
    Dance floor flooded, hands in the air
    Par in the back, ballers in the rear
    Find me 'round there, bottles by the beer, yeah
    All right cause it feels real good
    And good wood from a nigga in the hood
    Ladies - shake it, shake it real girl should
    Let it be understood,
    that I'm wit' my friends and we ready to go
    Connects wit' (?) to Santo Domingo!
    And I, won't west 'til I poppin' at the show
    Watchin' all my people shoutin' "Go, ma, go!"
    So get it up, get it up (uh-oh, uh-oh!)
    Shake it down, shake it down (uh-oh, uh-oh!)
    If we havin' big fun (uh-oh, uh-oh!)
    If you rep' Big Pun (uh-oh, uh-oh!)


    [Big Pun]
    Boriqua, morena; girl I wanna take ya back to Cuba (Cuba)
    Habana (Habana), c'mon you pretty mama
    Jamaica, Puerto Rico or Santo Domingo
    We could take it there!
    Yeah, yeah; and put yourself try a player result


    .. and put yourself try a player result..
    .. and put yourself try a player result..
    .. and put yourself try a player result..
    .. and put yourself try a player result.. "

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