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    It happened again, in the fall.
    Twice in a year Where we wont talk.
    Counting the days past December.

    Thirteen more hours thinking: I want to be the one who's sorry when your gone.
    I want it right now.
    I want it all written down.
    Are you the person, Are you the one to let this go, to let you know?
    I never said the snow would break my heart.
    I swear I should've seen it from the start.

    You'll regret these last goodbyes.
    Don't hold my hand... This time it's mine.
    Forget the notes I wrote to you.
    I won't be afraid.

    I never told you this before... you weren't listening and it's cool.

    Chasing your ride with midnight calls, but no one picks up so we can talk.
    You say "You're amazing."
    That's crazy, thats just crazy.

    You played this once before.
    The higher standards fallen because of what you've done.

    To let you know that you've been gone for so long.
    I swear I should've seen it from the start.
    Don't want to see you at my door.
    This time it's mine

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