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    Oh no, look at your body you tell me your fine and I won't ever act the same again.

    And now your shaking, doesn't it feel nice to know...
    Doesn't it feel nice to know your face again?
    Your heart is constant breaking, suffocating, and you'll drop the bottle.
    Drop the bottle.

    Im running out that's okay... Running out was always my best friend
    I won't say that again, and I swear I'll never say those things again.
    Here is my attempt to make ammends.

    A truth, a lie, a cut, a slut is all you'll ever be.
    Answer the phone, answer the phone because I'm still an addict for your smile.
    Where's sensitivity?
    It's out the window with your smile and some dignity
    Sweety, we know you think Im crazy, but at least I'll be thinking about you.
    Listen, Sweety, your so crazy.

    Im leaving now, if that's okay.
    As if you noticed details anyway.. you'll be just fine.

    Come on, girl, who you've been kissing?
    Lets ask, baby, who you're missing?
    You're the only reason I'd come home.

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